A soulful home

‘Nothing is more individual than a person’s aesthetic perception,’ observed the brilliant art theoretician Konrad Fiedler a long time ago.

My own aesthetic perception was shaped above all by my early contact with nature.

More precisely, by the melancholy autumnal landscapes in the Lower Rhine region, whose elegiac brown and grey tones, combined with the sensual scent of damp earth, can bring about a positively meditative effect.

One result of this is my fondness for materials such as bog oak, stone, leather or the subtle nuances of the colour grey. Another is my overriding vision as an interior designer to create places and furniture that have a soul.

A key part of this is the fact that my furniture designs are manufactured exclusively by traditional artisan enterprises from the region. Either as limited editions or as individual pieces, they are made for people seeking to express their own aesthetic sensibility.

Whether I’m designing interiors or pieces of furniture, I believe that the spaces we live in and the things we surround ourselves with impact us profoundly.
I believe in the ‘soulful home’ that has a character, an attitude.


Coffee Table






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